Soft pink and bronze make up

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Hi girls!
I've been working hard this afternoon, this is my first tutorial on my blog, I hope you like it! 
This is a quite simple make up but very nice and romantic. 

Let's start!

First I apply the primer. I use the Urban Decay primer potion, but you can use also another brand or a concealer, this step would make your make-up more durable and avoids the eye shadow goes into the folds of the eye. 
(You have to use little of product, if you don't wish the opposite effect!!)

Then choose a light shimmering pink, and apply it to the whole eyelid, with a medium brush.

Now you have to draw like a ''v'' on the outer corner of the eyelid, and then blend it. I'll use a darker pink, like the one in the photo, and a more precise brush.

So let's darken the ''v'' with a line of brown, and then blend again. (I used the brown eyeshadow of the previoius photo)

I draw a line with a brown pencil, just close up to the hairline of the eyelashes, blending a little with a little brush like this (or with the eyeliner brush)

Now let's apply the false lashes. Remember to use a good quality of false lashes glue!

Then you can put your favourite mascara.

The last step of this tutorial is to underline the bottom of the eye, with a bronzed line.

To emphasize this line you can go over it with a bronze eyeshadow, like this one (between the brown and the gold one)

And then, you've done. 



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