Fairytale spring make up

18:18 Grace Shee 0 Comments

This is the first of make-up tutorial, for spring. Spring is so full of fresh and light colours... I know, we are not in spring, but the warm sun of the last days inspired me. :)

Start with a primer, and then take a light grey and apply it to lid.

Then choose a shimmering pink and apply in the crease of the eye

then take a matte brown and darken the pink

So take some blue with an eyeliner brush and wet it with some water.

Now you can draw a more precize line around the outer corner of the eye and a little beyond it.

Now take a lighter shimmer blue and trace the outline of the inner corner of the eye.

 (sorry for the quality of the last photoes, but I wrong to save them)

After appply a curving mascara and then, you've done. :)



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