Sexy rocker make up + thanks to Bina :)

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Today I'll show you how to make the smokey eyes I showed you some days ago:

Firstly I apply my primer potion, then the black eye pencil and blend it.
I fix and darken this part with a matte black eyeshadow

and so with a shimmering brown 

I go on the black, in the upper part of eyelid, like this

and so I blend a gold over this part, 

And after this I blend it.
So I used a shimmering light gold in the inner corner of the eye and nex to the eyebrow

i draw a line with this colour also in the lower eye lid and blend. 
Mixing the black and the shimmering brown and using an eyeliner brush, 
I draw a line at the end of the lower eyelid.

At the end I have applied false lashes and mascara, and after a white crystal next to the inner corner and a black one next to the end of the eye brow...

This is not an everyday make up, really I did it for carnival, but if you put on less black you can use it for an important night of for a party. So.. enjoy yourself! You've done. ;)

Ps: A special thank tor Bina for giving me this chinese chopstics for hair. 
Thank you so much! ^.^



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