Chic & sleek (request by Gioia)

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Hello! Today I'm going to show a make up inspired to this photo

I like a lot this kind of make up, but I do them rarely, because they are too heavy to be worn every day. :)
I think it's a make up for occasions, like night party, disco or things like that. I suggest you to put on a nude lipstick, to avoid the mask effect.
So, let's start!

I start using a creamy silver eyeshadow stick, and apply it from the center to the corner of the eyelid.

Then I take a piece of adhesive tape and put it nex the lower lashes of  the outer corner.

Then I start to apply a black pencil in the outer corner of the eye, up to the brow bone.

And so I go over this part with a charcoal eyeshadow. 

So I apply a grey shimmer eyeshadow in the center of the lid.

After this I light up the inner corner with a silver eyeshadow.

So with little brush I take some black eyeshadow and put it under the lower lashes, like in the photo.

an blend it

and with another little angled brush I put the silver eyeshadow under the lower lashes, nex to the inner corner.

I finish applying false lashes and mascara




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